when you understand your passions and know your purpose then you are more motivated to evolve your life


your mindset is the foundation upon which your whole life is created, have the right mindset to achieve everything


creating the right boundaries in your life will help you be happier and enjoy an easier life

Learning about your SELF, your PASSION, and your PURPOSE helps you grow your WHOLE LIFE in amazingly awesome ways


I know you, you’re awesome and amazing and have so much to share – yet everything is hidden under the layers of indecision and overwhelm and fear.

Excuses – you’ve made them all – but you know deep inside that an excuse is really an opportunity in disguise. An opportunity to see things differently, work differently, be different.

You are totally ready to take that next step upwards, to be powerful and be YOU. All you require is the knowledge you can be courageous, the understanding that who you are is more than enough.

A one hour conversation with Sharon turned my paralysis over how to move from “idea” to “action” change everything. She not only listened carefully to what I wanted to accomplish, she lined out a way to get it done, with practical tasks and a “to-do” list, so that I could move from the idea phase to the action phase.

I’ve not had a coach who was so happy to see me get excited about my potential. Sharon is in it for ME, and that’s everything! Michelle

How many rabbits are you chasing? Find your Wonderland by chasing only the right one(s). 

  • got a cool project you want to get started but there’s too many decisions to make?
  • so many options, which one is the right one?
  • ideas galore racing around in your head – what will work best for your whole life?

What do you do first? How do you plot your course across the ‘verse?

Feel awesome doing what you love

Because I see you, dimming your light in a world that needs every flame available to shine as brightly as possible. You think you can’t share your passion. You think your passion isn’t worth sharing?

You are mistaken. You are being fooled by your self.

What makes you think your path has to be the same as someone else’s, that you can’t have a joyful life doing what you love? What makes you think there is no path for you or that you have to live a life of unfulfilled dreams? What makes you think you can’t have dreams?

Everything you desire is within your reach. Take my hand and let me help you.

You have passion.

You have purpose.

You have power.

See how possible your dreams are. See how possible it is to be joyful in your life and at your work. See the different paths and choose the best one for you.

Discover a safe harbour.

Feel nurtured.

Find the catalyst.

Be the change.

Sharon Is Amazing!

When I started coaching with Sharon, I knew what I wanted to do but I had no idea how I was going to get there, and no confidence that I could really be myself in business and make an impact. Thanks to Sharon's encouragement, great suggestions, and practical, doable advice, I came away much more motivated, and confident in myself and my business. Sharon is insightful, smart, easy to talk to, and genuinely cares so much about her clients. Working with her was amazing - if you want to get unstuck and move forward in your business, go hire her!

Tris Moon

Your Weird is Wonderful

It's not only the emails, the one-to-one calls that you're investing in. Behind the scenes I will be constantly looking for the right ways to ensure you can reach your goals. I will be creating resources, researching, pondering (and yes thinking time is invaluable for everyone). I will be looking beyond your life and into all the possibilities.

Getting to know how you tick, the best ways to share information so you can fully understand and benefit from your investment.

We all need someone to bounce ideas off, discuss problems, share thoughts and dreams – and we need all this in a safe environment with someone who understands and can help us on our journey. Aunt Mary may be great for a chat but does she understand your inner purpose, your mindset, the challenges you face? Probably not (unless you’re really lucky).

That’s why you need a mentor. That’s why you need me.

Why a minimum of three months? Because through working with various clients over the years I have come to realise that three months is the minimum time needed to really make the shifts you need to level up. Six months is more optimal, rarely do people I work with require more that nine months. This is a long term investment to create your awesome future.

It allows me to truly get to know you and your life and your dreams, which means that I can help you in deeper and more meaningful ways.

While I have been in business since 2008 I have been mentoring in various capacities since around 2001.

During that time I have worked with many people from from various backgrounds as well as helped teenagers see the possibilities of their future. I currently work as a mentor with Virgin Start Up, offering long term (9 months to a year) advice and support to recipients of a Virgin Start Up Loan. I am also a Career Mentor at Lancaster University.

The words can be interchangeable. I feel that coaching is leans more to being impartial, focused mainly on acquiring skills whereas a mentor has a deep personal interest, and is personally involved, one who cares about you and your long term development. Mentoring is development driven. Its purpose is to develop the individual not only for the current situation, but also for the future.

Work with me for a minimum of 3 months and see your whole life soar like a leaf on the wind

your evolution

  • ongoing membership area
  • private and friendly
  • monthly video/audio training
  • set intentions, goals, and actions
  • accountability and advice
  • resources from my library of knowledge
  • This is not a lesser way, only a different one

guild of evolution

  • small mindset mastermind
  • private and friendly
  • weekly video/audio answering your questions
  • set intentions, goals, and actions
  • accountability and advice
  • resources from my library of knowledge
  • This is not a lesser way, only a different one

emails of evolution

  • minimum 3 months of mindset mentoring
  • initial connection discussion
  • unlimited email
  • personalised inspiration
  • accountabilty
  • access to my library of knowledge
  • This is not a lesser way, only a different one
What if we don't get on?

That's why before we start you need to answer the brief questionnaire and have a chat with me, either via Skype or Zoom*. We have to make sure we are suitable for each other.

*email only clients may not require this

What financial benefit will I see?

I am not here to promise you X income within X time. I am here to give you the courage, attitude, confidence, ability to do the work yourself. Your income depends on your effort and your goals (and financial gain is not the only possible goal). You have to be willing to show up and do the work to see any results. And the first step to good results is a healthy mindset and attitude.

Bonus : you get my biz skills and experience too (if you need them)

website woohoo

With over eight years of experience as a web designer I can help you create a website you are proud to show off; whether we're starting from scratch or tweaking what you've got we can make YOUR website wave its pom poms and cheerlead for your business.


social media sass

Your social media ain't just about broadcasting baby, it's about making connections, starting conversations, and building relationships. Let's get you doing that in harmony with your brand and personality.

notable newsletters

Your newsletters need to pique interest, encourage people to open (and read!), look as fabulous as your website and social media - and work to bring in business. With my help they will become a 'must-read'.

cosy communities

Communities, tribes, groups, partners-in-crime, whatever you decide to call them you need to find those that help you grow - and then create your own to help others grow.  After all, paying it forward is the best isn't it?

Writer, mentor, catalyst, dreamer

These are the words I use to describe myself. But you want to know about my experience, what qualifies me to help you. 

Writer : I have been writing since a child and studied Creative Writing up to degree level. I write for pleasure and to tell my own story and other people's. 

Mentor : I have volunteered as a mentor since 2001 - in schools, for local entrepreneurs, in partnership with Virgin Start Up, and currently as a Career Mentor at Lancaster University. I started Path 42 out of a realisation that, while web design was great, mentoring was my passion and purpose. 

Catalyst : Cambridge English Dictionary defines as catalyst as "a condition, event, or person that is the cause of an important change". This is what I do for the people I work with. 

Dreamer : I'm an INFP Idealist, I dream of creating a better world, one ripple at a time.