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Hello and thank you for your interest in consulting Path 42 This page lets you know all sorts of information that will help you make an informed decision about working with me.

Please read it through and then click the link at the end to contact me.


Let’s get that out of the way first shall we?

Websites cost a fortune? Well yes, if you want a website with all the bells, whistles, dancing cats, and so on you should expect to pay a decent amount. However, I believe in finding ways that will help you get a fabulous website without having to sell your firstborn. That’s why I use WordPress as the basis for all the websites I build. It gives infinite possibilities and is built around a solid framework used by countless businesses around the globe.

Standalone WordPress websites from Path 42 start from £375 for up to 3 pages. These could include a ‘home’ page, contact, or services/products.

Also included is the adding of functionality to your website such as a back-up facility, SEO assistance, and Google Analytics.

So for quite a reasonable price you can have a super website which will grow and adapt as your business does.

My main expertise, however, is being able to offer you a personalised package which not only helps you get the website your business needs but also gives you the skills to be a successful solopreneur.


Of course, this is all extra to the design of your website but I tailor each project specifically to you the client – I can’t give you a price for that until I’ve had a thorough chat with you. 


Once you have completed the form (link at the end of this page) I will start an email conversation with you. This will discuss the finer details I may need to know in order to create the right proposal for your business. Acceptance of the proposal is followed by the deposit invoice of £100 which will need to be paid before I can commence work.

Necessities (website)

I will need access to your hosting package in order to create an FTP login and database so I can setup and install WordPress. If you need advice on purchasing a domain name & hosting please ask.

The next stage is for you to provide me with all the content you need to be included on the website. If you are providing your own images then please ensure that you own the copyright to them. Once I have the relevant information I will begin designing your website. This will be ‘behind the scenes’ and a holding page will be in place with relevant information until the website is complete.

I will keep in touch regularly as the work progresses so you can give me feedback on what I’ve done. Once we are both satisfied the website is finished as per the proposal I will invoice you for the balance of payment. This should be paid within 14 days.

You will be sent a pdf with instructions how to update the website yourself, however I am always available to my clients if you have follow up questions. At this point I would also appreciate a testimonial for the work I’ve done.

Necessities (consultancy)

These will be arranged with you after our thorough discussion.

Working with me

I’m generally happy to work with any solopreneur who wants to take the leap into taking control of their website and their business. I work within an ethical framework and expect my clients to have the same ethos towards their life and business. I try to be positive and forward-thinking whenever possible and prefer to work with similar people.

I am able to create simple ecommerce websites, however if you have more than a dozen or so products you will probably be better off contacting an ecommerce specialist.

While I understand that the more technical aspects of websites and digital stuff can be difficult for some to grasp, learning at least the basics is a necessity for running your own business and saying “I’m just not technically minded” is not a valid excuse. It can be scary but ask me for help because that is what I am here for. I can either add training into the proposal price or give you advice where to go to learn for yourself.

If you’d like to learn a little more about my work, here’s where you can find testimonials from past clients.

Still here? Great, now you know a rough idea of pricing, how I work, and who I like to work with.

Your next step is to click this link and complete the form to tell me what you want from your website. Once I am notified of a completed form I will email you within 2 working days to continue our conversation. Of course, If I’m on holiday it may take a little longer.

If you’re looking for mentoring or other help then drop me a line.

If you want a more immediate response then here are some other ways to get hold of me…

Twitter @takepath42

Text 07764485855 (not phone calls please)

Google+ +SharonJacksonPath42