What Do I Believe In?

Here are my ten beliefs; ten thoughts and ideas which I live by and use to help others achieve their dreams.  I know my purpose – I want to help people smile, I want them to feel energised and happy after interacting with me, I want them to see all their possibilities and have the confidence to go after them – and this is how I do it. 

NO HUSTLE : work hard, work to your rhythms, work to your strengths. But never use the word hustle – have you read the definitions?

NO PAIN POINTS : I am not here, a gathering of atoms in this space and time, in order to make you feel bad about yourself.

WHOLE LIFE CARE : your body, mind, and business need equal attention and taken great care of for I believe that if you’re not willing to take care of all three you are never going to be truly successful.

YOU GOTTA WORK : I am not here to waste my precious breath and energy if you’re not absolutely committed to putting in the effort yourself. I know it’s going to be hard sometimes but it’s the only way and it’s worth it.

FAILURE IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN : it is not an excuse to whine and give up.

NO EXCUSES : I don’t want to hear why you haven’t done XYZ, I want to hear how you are going to try and achieve them.

CONFIDENCE IS KEY : this is absolutely what you need to achieve your amazing kick-ass dreams

TRUTH IN EVERYTHING : no lies, it is OK and this is a safe space to say “I don’t want to talk about ABC” but whatever you do say should always be the truth – and that includes what you say to yourself as well as to others.

EVERY DAY IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO START OVER : and so is every minute. Don’t be afraid to say “this isn’t working for me” and make the change.

THERE ARE NO LIMITS : only Fear and Doubt holding you back from what you want to achieve.