sharon is the answer

42 – the answer to life, the universe and everything as written by the late & great Douglas Adams in his excellent trilogy of five The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

We all search for answers, for our own paths through this thing we call life. Often we follow someone else’s path believing it to be the answer, however it is not.

You need to find your own path, everything you long for can and will be yours but you have to find your own way to to get there. never feel that you will have to take this journey alone, without help or guidance, these things are only an ask away. What we can achieve alone is wonderful, yet what we can achieve when we connect with others is totally awesome.

Who am I? 

I am an unashamed geek who has recently released her two new lifeform experiments out to infiltrate society after twenty years of nurturing them. Totally ready for my next adventures and challenges.

In business I work with visionary entrepreneurs and business owners  to change the way they think about themselves, their life, and their business so that they can forge their own path with confidence, courage, and conviction.

I drink coffee in the morning, water in the afternoon, and JD in the evening. I haven’t met a cake I didn’t like, and I always see the problem as not enough shelves rather than too many books. The answer is forever 42 and I know where my towel is at any given moment.

Feel energised to take action, grow, have hope, smile.

  • problem solving

  • organisation

  • delegation

  • simplification

  • positive thinking

  • routines and automation

  • research

  • fresh thinking

  • community

  • connecting

  • building relationships

  • boundaries

  • cheerleading

  • poking with a pointy stick

I believe in building dedicated and understanding relationships with my clients. I love to tune in to your needs and find ways to use your creative self-expression to build your business and create connections and clients ideal for you.

My Values

My Playlist

I love music, it has been a comfort and inspiration to me throughout my life. These are my songs for 2017, I will add to the list through the year as more speak (or sing) to me.

want to find your own awesome path?