Inspired to Speak

SharonWe all search for answers, for our own paths through this thing we call life. Often we follow someone else’s path believing it to be the answer, however it is not. 

You need to find your own path, everything you long for can and will be yours but you have to find your own way to to get there. Web design has been one path for me which I am expanding into a movement to help you design your own future. 

Speaking about my journey is my way of helping you to find your own path to happiness and to create your own Universe of Awesome in this life. 

I am available to book for speaking engagements throughout the universe.

I am passionate about self-development, creating your own path to happiness, and spreading smiles instead of sorrow. I truly believe that if we all made our own corners of the universe happier then eventually that happiness would ripple out and connect and form a warm, snuggly blanket for everyone to feel safe and loved.

Yes, I am an idealist.

I am looking to inspire people to take action and responsibility for their own happiness and growth, then enabling them to share that among their communities.

Who I would love to connect with

Any groups, charities, conference organisers, universities, or schools who feel that their audience would appreciate some inspiration and smiles.

What I talk about

These can be given as straight talks or workshops, let me know which you’d prefer

  • my journey through depression and how to carry on and build your confidence (mindset, meditation, journaling etc)
  • purpose, mindset, boundaries – the three pillars on which you build your success


Please contact me for details, I am willing to be flexible however an offer to cover expenses would be appreciated.

Guest Podcasting

I am always open to being a guest on a podcast. Let me know your show, the topic you wish me to discuss, and the time slots you have available. Contact me here.

Some podcasts I have already appeared on are