Be the catalyst for the change you haven’t even dreamt of … yet


when you understand your passions and know your purpose then you are more motivated to evolve your life


your mindset is the foundation upon which your whole life is created, have the right mindset to achieve everything


creating the right boundaries in your life will help you be happier and enjoy an easier life

First Guild of Evolution starting 28th November 2017

What is the Guild of Evolution?

A place for you to lay the solid foundations for your growth in life, your career, and everything. All that you do comes from within you. We look at your purpose, your mindset, and your boundaries – taking in your whole life and helping you discover YOUR ways to be your own catalyst for change.

Your time is NOW, no matter what has gone before when you start NOW you are already setting off the first sparks of change.

Communities are awesome

I love communities, especially small ones where we all have similar goals and ethics. Ones which help us grow and evolve into the best versions of ourselves. Where we can dream huge, dream in safety. Where we can ask for help and advice freely. Where we have someone to poke us with a pointy stick and keep us accountable. I know and love the communities I belong to, however I wanted to create one of my own, one where I could fulfil my purpose of helping others, one where I could connect with my own tribe.

guild of evolution three month mastermindAnd so the Guild of Evolution was born …

Three months of mindset mentoring for those who want to evolve in their whole life.

  • small group (maximum of ten people)
  • fortnightly group calls (recorded)
  • private and friendly – we like to giggle
  • fortnightly video/audio answering your major questions
  • set intentions, goals, and actions
  • accountability and advice in the FB group
  • email support

Bonus One : resources from my library of knowledge

Bonus Two : access to the Your Evolution course I am developing

Bonus Three : (tbc) three months free access to the Evolution membership area from March 2018

I am keeping the guild to a maximum of ten members because I want that personal connection, I don’t want anyone getting lost into the void. So I guess bonus four is that you practically get my full attention for you, your life, and your career.

How it works

  • Connect with me – fill in the form below
  • I will send you an invoice
  • Pay for three months (either monthly or upfront)
  • Join the group
  • Receive all the relevant information
  • Evolve your whole life to the next level

Is this for you?

You’re OK with your life, sure it’s not perfect (doh, who’s is?) but you wonder whether there could be something more that you could do or be. You understand that happiness and fulfilment are not found in possessions, even though they are nice to have. You are open-minded to the possibilities out there and are willing to use your time and energy to find a better way to live.

You have grand ideas swirling around in your head but there’s that little nagging doubt that says “this is silly” or “you’re not capable of that” (Note : it’s not and you totally are). You know there is no ‘one true way’ but you want to discover and travel yours. You have this streak of idealism within you which has been partially buried under reality, yet you know that your idealism could have a beautiful effect on your life and the world around you.

You contain creativity inside you instead of allowing it out to play. You feel spiritual but not necessarily religious. You’re maybe a little sceptical of the “woo” yet there’s a question poking at you asking “could this be real?”.

You have been through your own personal hell and now you want to forge a path to your own fulfilment and happiness.

You want more out of your life. You want to live your life. You want to feel your life has purpose.

(a sense of humour is a plus, a tendency to geekiness is a bonus)

Introductory price of £97 per month for three months

**SPECIAL OFFER** £250 if you pay for the full three months before 28th November**

This group will run until the 2nd March 2018, the next group will begin Monday 12th March 2018

 I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a brilliant, insightful, kind, and sensitive person.


Kamlak Center

this is the catalyst for change you haven’t dreamt of … yet

I see you, dimming your light in a world that needs every flame available to shine as brightly as possible. You think you can’t share your passion. You think your passion isn’t worth sharing?

You are mistaken. You are being fooled by your self.

What makes you think your path has to be the same as someone else’s, that you can’t have a joyful life doing what you love? What makes you think there is no path for you or that you have to live a life of unfulfilled dreams? What makes you think you can’t have dreams?

Everything you desire is within your reach. Take my hand and let me help you.

You have passion.

You have purpose.

You have power.

See how possible your dreams are. See how possible it is to be joyful in your life and at your work. See the different paths and choose the best one for you.

Discover a safe harbour.

Feel nurtured.

Find the catalyst.

Be the change.

I have been through personal hell, I survived, I flourished, I see the challenges I overcame and am filled with gratitude for the journey I took to get me to this place of joy and fulfilment. I am here to help you on your journey.

Writer, mentor, catalyst, dreamer

These are the words I use to describe myself. But you want to know about my experience, what qualifies me to help you. 

Writer : I have been writing since a child and studied Creative Writing up to degree level. I write for pleasure and to tell my own story and other people's. 

Mentor : I have volunteered as a mentor since 2001 - in schools, for local entrepreneurs, in partnership with Virgin Start Up, and currently as a Career Mentor at Lancaster University. I started Path 42 out of a realisation that, while web design was great, mentoring was my passion and purpose. 

Catalyst : Cambridge English Dictionary defines as catalyst as "a condition, event, or person that is the cause of an important change". This is what I do for the people I work with. 

Dreamer : I'm an INFP Idealist, I dream of creating a better world, one ripple at a time. 


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