Welcome to the Evolution Experience,

where comfort and coaching meet to have cake.


Evolution Experience

Be seated at a table for two with views across Morecambe Bay to the Lake District.

Enjoy a delicious afternoon tea while we discuss your life and business.

Leave feeling as though nothing can ever stop you from achieving your goals.

Receive a follow up action plan and resources (as needed).

Is this YOU?

You are fed up of being the drone, making money for someone else’s pocket, so you decided to start your own business.


Your business is not only there to support you and your family to live the life of your dreams, you want to use your knowledge, expertise, profit to expand your horizons and benefit others.

You understand there is more to life than live, work, die. You know that you are in this universe to not only have fun, laughter, & adventures for yourself but also to share all that with others and enable them to make their own lives better. You understand that is not only the big huge movements that can make a difference but also the small shifts that ripple outwards.

You love learning about yourself, your mind, your reactions, and awareness and you are continually wanting to develop into your best self. You know this is not undertaken lightly and you understand that it requires continuous effort to evolve and strive to be better tomorrow than you are today.

You are open to new ideas, knowledge, and experiences and are also willing to share these with others so that they too can benefit.


I am the catalyst.

I energise you to not only create more ideas and goals but also advise you on how you can bring them into reality.

I see your business from a fresh perspective, imagine new and different paths you could consider, help you create strategies to focus and streamline your efforts.

I have the technical knowledge to assist you in creating the right online identity so that you and your business can flourish.

I help you learn how to create the right community to spread the word about the ways you help others.

You are developing & growing a viable business to support yourself and your dreams alongside creating the ripples and community which will underpin all you do to help and benefit others.

No, I do not describe myself as a coach. Coaching is impartial, focused mainly on acquiring skills whereas a mentor has a deep personal interest, and is personally involved, one who cares about you and your long term development. Mentoring is development driven. Its purpose is to develop the individual not only for the current situation, but also for the future.

Go on, guess why I am a mentor as opposed to a coach 🙂

We all need someone to bounce ideas off, discuss problems, share thoughts and dreams – and we need all this in a safe environment with someone who understands and can help us on our journey. Aunt Mary may be great for a chat but does she understand the entrepreneur mindset and the challenges you face? Probably not (unless you’re really lucky).

That’s why you need a mentor. That’s why you need me.

I deliberately try not to put a time limit on this, I want the conversation to flow rather than either of us keep looking at our watches (or phones). Expect to be chatting for at least and hour, more likely towards two.

Before we meet I will send you a questionnaire so that I can get to know you and your business, this will include asking what your current main problem is that you want to solve.

After the meeting I will write up any notes and follow up with an email to make sure you have everything you need to be on track to carry out the cunning plans we laid. I will also include any resources I feel you may find useful.

While I have been in business since 2008 I have been mentoring in various capacities since around 2001.

During that time I have worked with entrepreneurs from various backgrounds as well as helped teenagers see the possibilities of their future. I currently work as a mentor with Virgin Start Up, offering long term (9 months to a year) advice and support to recipients of a Virgin Start Up Loan.

Schedule a quick chat with me to make sure we’re a good fit and to discuss any questions you may have.