Talking to people is sooo overrated 🙂

How many rabbits are you chasing? Find your Wonderland by chasing only the right one(s). 

  • got a cool project you want to get started but there’s too many decisions to make?
  • so many options for you, which one is the right one?
  • ideas galore racing around in your head – what will work best for your whole life?

What do you do first? How do you plot your course across the ‘verse?

You’ve got one thousand and forty two things to do, you’re running at warp speed but never seem to get anywhere, life – don’t talk to me about life! Where are you supposed to find a solid hour or so each week to talk to someone … even if you know that you need a helping hand to navigate the perils of the universe, create a more efficient warp drive, build a civilisation, level up your life.

You’re lucky if you have a spare ten minutes to sit down and catch your breath. 

But, maybe you could read an email in those ten minutes. Take another fifteen a bit later to think about what the email advised … reply in that five minutes while the kettle’s boiling.

Perhaps the thought of being on a video call, or even a voice call feels like listening to Vogon poetry, yet writing out your questions, reading the answers, having time to think before you respond … well that is totally shiny.

No more FOMO.

Just because you don’t like or don’t have time/energy/ability for one-to-one calls doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the opportunity of being coached to the next level of your life.

Here’s what I propose

You can send me unlimited written communications (however, an attempt at grouping thoughts into fewer is appreciated) and I respond at least twice a week, within three working days. This allows me time to reflect on what you’ve written and reply with information pertinent and useful.

Personalised accountability, progress reports, resources – you get all these too.

You can book an hour one to one session for £42

You receive my attention to your whole life, which means I get personally involved in your evolution. I love to see my clients bloom and grow.

In return you invest in my expertise for a minimum of three months.

£420 per month or £1200 for three months if paid in full

Do it now, because done is better than perfect, fill in this contact form (or complete the one below) to connect and let’s start your evolution. If you feel brave and have the time go ahead, press the button, open hailing frequencies, let’s chat.

You didn’t judge me, and (you) believed that I was amazing. You saw me as “stuck”, rather than incompetent.


Faith Culture Kiss

The Power of Writing

Never underestimate the power of physically writing out your dilemmas and dreams … even typing makes a difference.

  • You are more likely to reach your goals if you write them down.
  • It’s harder to distort or forget written words, there’s always a solid reference to what has been said.
  • Often it is easier to be candid and open via writing, there are less inhibitions as you are not being observed.
  • There are less distractions when you are absorbing the information, you can focus on the words and the meaning behind them.
  • Writing out your emotions, allowing yourself to unload on screen or paper gives a different perspective when you see them.

Mentoring via email is not the lesser choice, it is a different choice and one which many people can benefit from. 


When we are speaking with someone, whether in real life or via digital means, the act of conversation does not leave much room for reflection on what is being said (and unsaid). One person speaks, the other listens – and often is formulating their response before the speaker has finished – and then there may be a slight pause before an answer is expected. A longer pause becomes uncomfortable, therefore you speak, you say words that perhaps you don’t want to because you have a need to fill that gap, to halt that feeling of uncomfortable stupidity.

the act of conversation does not leave much room for reflection on what is being said (and unsaid)

You require the space to reflect on what is being discussed. Space without the uncomfortable silences, no urge to fill a void with words that are not right. You require written words to look back to rather than half-remembered speech … “did they say X or Y?” Sure, calls can be recorded but searching audio/video is nowhere near as easy as searching text.

This is what I offer you, time and space to reflect, to think, to understand, to question – and then to reply in your own time and with a considered response.

It's not only the emails, the one-to-one calls that you're investing in. Behind the scenes I will be constantly looking for the right ways to ensure you can reach your goals. I will be creating resources, researching, pondering (and yes thinking time is invaluable for everyone). I will be looking beyond your life and into all the possibilities.

Getting to know how you tick, the best ways to share information so you can fully understand and benefit from your investment.

We all need someone to bounce ideas off, discuss problems, share thoughts and dreams – and we need all this in a safe environment with someone who understands and can help us on our journey. Aunt Mary may be great for a chat but does she understand your inner purpose, your mindset, the challenges you face? Probably not (unless you’re really lucky).

That’s why you need a mentor. That’s why you need me.

Why a minimum of three months? Because through working with various clients over the years I have come to realise that three months is the minimum time needed to really make the shifts you need to level up. Six months is more optimal, rarely do people I work with require more that nine months. This is a long term investment to create your awesome future.

It allows me to truly get to know you and your life and your dreams, which means that I can help you in deeper and more meaningful ways.

While I have been in business since 2008 I have been mentoring in various capacities since around 2001.

During that time I have worked with many people from from various backgrounds as well as helped teenagers see the possibilities of their future. I currently work as a mentor with Virgin Start Up, offering long term (9 months to a year) advice and support to recipients of a Virgin Start Up Loan. I am also a Career Mentor at Lancaster University.

The words can be interchangeable. I feel that coaching is leans more to being impartial, focused mainly on acquiring skills whereas a mentor has a deep personal interest, and is personally involved, one who cares about you and your long term development. Mentoring is development driven. Its purpose is to develop the individual not only for the current situation, but also for the future.

What if we don't get on?

That's why before we start you need to answer the brief questionnaire and have a chat with me, either via Skype or Zoom*. We have to make sure we are suitable for each other.

*email only clients may not require this

What financial benefit will I see?

I am not here to promise you X income within X time. I am here to give you the courage, attitude, confidence, ability to do the work yourself. Your income depends on your effort and your goals (and financial gain is not the only possible goal). You have to be willing to show up and do the work to see any results. And the first step to good results is a healthy mindset and attitude.

Writer, mentor, catalyst, dreamer

These are the words I use to describe myself. But you want to know about my experience, what qualifies me to help you. 

Writer : I have been writing since a child and studied Creative Writing up to degree level. I write for pleasure and to tell my own story and other people's. 

Mentor : I have volunteered as a mentor since 2001 - in schools, for local entrepreneurs, in partnership with Virgin Start Up, and currently as a Career Mentor at Lancaster University. I started Path 42 out of a realisation that, while web design was great, mentoring was my passion and purpose. 

Catalyst : Cambridge English Dictionary defines as catalyst as "a condition, event, or person that is the cause of an important change". This is what I do for the people I work with. 

Dreamer : I'm an INFP Idealist, I dream of creating a better world, one ripple at a time. 

Let’s get your evolution started