42 Thoughts

  1. help other people smile
  2. it’s not what you know but how you put your personal mark on it
  3. shake off the layers of fear and conformity
  4. get up and create the life you want
  5. help yourself at least as much as you help others
  6. choose your most important not their most urgent
  7. be grateful for everything
  8. excuses are opportunities in disguise
  9. be inspired by others but follow your own path
  10. know and feel your worth
  11. live a life of abundance and adventure
  12. own your power
  13. speak kindly to yourself and others
  14. see your potential
  15. be forever taking action
  16. write your own epic saga
  17. be the heroine
  18. your actions today form your future tomorrows
  19. have faith in yourself
  20. enjoy the here and now
  21. do what makes you feel awesome
  22. choose self-care not self-sabotage
  23. manifest the future you desire today
  24. love to do the necessary mundane work
  25. be of service to others
  26. be learning constantly and take action on what you learn
  27. make a positive difference
  28. use your own voice
  29. find the solution not the excuse
  30. dwell on the positives
  31. dance at every opportunity
  32. your happiness is important
  33. recommit to your goals daily
  34. choose to be awesome
  35. be in the right mindset to take the right actions
  36. seize every opportunity
  37. make your life easy
  38. life is about connections not competition
  39. be abundant in everything
  40. asking for help is a strength
  41. your opinion counts
  42. enjoy the cake, ignore the calories