2018 Dreams

My memory isn’t so much a sieve as a bucket with a big hole in the bottom which is why I thought of writing this to remind me of what I want to achieve.

I am also a great believer in sharing dreams to make them happen and encourage others to chase and catch theirs.

My dreams for 2018 are as follows (subject to change and circumstances)

Career | Business

Guild of Evolution : a┬ámindset mastermind for those who know there’s more to life and want to discover their purpose and passions and pursue it (them)

More to Life Initiative : workshops and mentoring for 10 – 12 yr olds around growth mindset to help with the transition to high school and beyond

Your Evolution : a monthly membership area for support, advice, and encouragement for those who aren’t in the right place for a mastermind yet

Writing | Podcast

More to Life podcast : build this up into a fully functioning podcast with guests every month discussing their feelings around the phrase ‘more to life’

42 Thoughts : articles and a book around my journey and my philosophy on life


Words : guest articles/recordings for local newspapers and radio. A regular monthly spot would be fabulous

ESTA : collate and create the Success Stories into a blog and then a book

Workshops : run monthly workshops based around More to Life and Your Evolution online work


Continue to release weight and become a fitter, healthier version of me

Pursue the dream of a PhD

Create the home and lifestyle of my dreams

Want learn more about any or all of these

Please connect with me if you feel you can help my dreams happen, or better still if my dreams can help you on your journey.