why evolve?Why evolve? For without evolution we stagnate and die out.

Our lives are not meant for standing still.





We do not live in a stasis bubble. Nothing is the same from day to day, hour to hour. We are constantly gifted new experiences which bring us new thoughts, new perspectives and which influence us in myriad ways. Mostly.

For there are some who allow life to wash over them, for whom those experiences and learning opportunities are simply occurrences of life and not ways towards change. They do not see them as routes to understanding, or a nudge to learning, they live in (blissful?) ignorance of what could be. They remain in one moment of time and space and then the moment passes them by, leaving them behind.

However others know that to fully experience this life we have been given we should take those experiences and use them for the advantage of ourselves, others, and the world around us. Use them to adapt, grow, change, evolve. Stay relevant and vital. Create all the possibilities which allow us to expand beyond what has gone before.

Nature has perfected evolution, so who are we to deny it for ourselves? Why shouldn’t we grasp the concept and use it to create a better future, a super-improved version of us, a richer and¬† more fulfilled experience.

Evolution is a cycle – learn, understand, adapt – and we should never be so ignorant or arrogant as to think that we are at our full potential.

Be your catalyst for change

There's times when you need to hitch a lift, there's times when the galaxy just isn't guiding you in the right direction, there's times when all you need is the answer (yes I know the ultimate answer is 42 but there are many other questions).

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