say yesI was writing my morning pages the other day and started a ‘saying NO to’ list. It was growing quite long when I recalled a Law of Attraction video I’d watched a few days before and remembered how it talked about focusing on what you want.

Big DOH! moment – this list I was writing was all about saying no, but according to the law of attraction the universe doesn’t know the difference it simply hears the words.

“I say NO to worry” I write, and the universe registers “worry” and so that is what it sends me.

“I say NO to lack of money” and guess what the universe sends me … plus I didn’t feel good inside, I was dwelling on all these bad things so no wonder my energy levels tanked.

I looked at my list and decided to turn it on its head. What do I want to say YES to?

I want to say YES to love.

I want to say YES to working with awesome people.

I want to say YES to feeling joy every day.

I want to say YES to having an abundance of money in my bank account.

I want to say YES to creating change for good.

I want to say YES to cake without calories (OK, that may be pushing it a little).

As soon as I started saying YES to all these wonderful things my insides fizzed with fun and happiness and – yes – joy at all the possibilities out there.

I love the idea of saying YES to the good things in life, the universe, and everything. I love the idea of telling the universe what I do want because, after all, you wouldn’t go into a restaurant and tell the waiter what you didn’t want, would you?

What are you going to say YES to today?

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