volunteer mentoringGiving back to my community and others is a big part of my life which is why I do volunteer mentoring as part of my business.

In 2017 I offered a ten month mentoring scholarship, and I have loved every single minute of working with my mentee. Seeing her and her business grow, listening to her when she needed it, offering advice and waving pom poms – it’s all been a fabulous experience.

As her ten months drew to a close I wondered whether to offer a scholarship again next year but the opportunity arose this summer to volunteer as a mentor at Lancaster University, where I completed my MA in Historical Research. I have now received two mentees to work with for the academic year 2017/2018 and I am dead excited to meet them and help them on their own journeys.

Because of time commitments I have therefore reluctantly shelved the mentoring scholarship for now. However, please keep in touch as I am always open to helping others in whatever way I can.

If you feel you would like to give your time and expertise but are unsure where or how, connect and let’s see if I can help you.

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