thoughts become thingsThoughts become things, this is part of what the Law of Attraction teaches us. It is so important to focus on what you want*, because those thoughts do have an effect on your outcomes.

For my 50th birthday I was gifted a PS4 and the game Horizon Zero Dawn. While I have been rpg gaming for many years (hello Skyrim) HZD got me addicted.

When you’re playing this type of game you have a HUD (heads up display) which shows you various information that you need to complete the quests. You set a marker for the destination you need and that shows up on the HUD. Sometimes I’ll be so intent on playing – attacking mechanical monsters and then running away much of the time – that I don’t keep an eye on my destination, get turned around, and totally veer off course. At that point I reset. I find the marker on the HUD and set off again in the right direction.

OK, so  I may not be able to go in a straight line, sometimes there’s a mountain in the way, but I always keep my focus on the destination knowing, believing that I will arrive there.

I get to my destination because I focus on it. 

  • Your thought : I want to go to Pitchcliff
  • Your focus : the Pitchcliff marker in the HUD
  • Your actions : lead you to Pitchcliff

You have reached your destination, the Glinthawks are attacking the town, you leap in and save the townsfolk. 

Of course, when you have completed that quest you level up, gain new skills or resources, and then discover there’s another quest, more to do, more adventures to be had, more to life.

You may sometimes need to go off course, or seem to be doing so, in order to collect more supplies and resources, learn new skills – but always have that reminder in your HUD of where your true focus is. Know it, believe in it, focus on it and you will get there because your thoughts always become things.

*What you want, not what you don’t want, the universe can’t distinguish 🙂 


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