be action (1)I always feel that September is a time for new beginnings, I guess it could be after years of school runs when September was the start of a new school year, when everything started up again after a long and lazy (yeah right) summer.

Although I am a summer baby (I am Leo, hear me rawr) there is something about the approach of autumn, the closing of the curtains early and snuggling in front of the fire, bringing out the snuggly hoodies and the boots – ohhhh so many beautiful boots.

With the darkening of the evenings and the shivering in the mornings I’m thinking of how I can make my own new beginnings.

It has been a rough year, in some ways as rough as last year, although I am happier with my life and business (which is awesome), and as I feel myself crawling upwards I also have a huge sense of growth approaching.

To that end I am planning my last three month push before the end of the year (I’m not counting December as that is starting with a Starfury convention and going uphill socially from there). My ‘word for September’ is OUT THERE, and yes I know technically that’s two, so I will be making myself and my business more visible, more brave, more “hey I am here”.

Now I would like to know what you are going to do to make the rest of 2016 AWESOME. Email me, tag me on social media, leave a comment – I’d love to hear from you.

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