let's make August awesomeA new week and a new month, almost feels like a new year.

August can often be one of those months that lingers by the side of the road, stops to smell the sweat peas, strolls along the prom. Schools are out so either parents are fraught with the response to questions like “I’m bored” or everyone is away on vacation somewhere. The business world can seem to slow down.


If you run a business then slowing down can be a little detrimental if its allowed to continue unchecked. So here’s what I am doing –

1. I have signed up for Jo Bendle’s Really Productive Month in order to keep my momentum going through the lazy summer haze (of rain naturally, this is England).

2. I am taking the Miracle Morning 30 Day Challenge to get me into a good morning routine again. A good start in the morning does make a difference to your day.

3. I am working on a new course called Awesome Action which I aim to launch 1st September. I always feel September has an energy about it, as though the cooler days wake our brains up.

So my question to you, dear reader, is … what are YOU doing to make your August AWESOME?

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