create boundaries… and OWN them. 

Do you have boundaries in your life? You will whether consciously or sub-consciously. However when you’re running your own business you need to set boundaries in order to work and live effectively.


Do you allow clients to dictate your hours or do you have set working times? Sometimes we have to be flexible but more often we can set and keep within our boundaries. If we allow those boundaries to slip then we open ourselves to forgetting self-care, family-care, business-care. When I started out I was so damned eager that I answered emails and phone calls at weekends – guess what, within weeks I was burned out and despondent. So I set a boundary.

When you have an idea for your business (and isn’t it exciting to have a fabulous idea) what do you do? Forget everything in pursuit of that idea? If you do then you need to set a boundary, write the idea down and pursue it by all means – if you have the space to do so. Yet don’t forget your business has routines and clients to take care of in order for the money to come in. Those ideas need sustenance to blossom and money is an important one. It buys cake!


You love working from home on your own terms don’t you? Of course you do. Yet we need to set some boundaries with our friends and family because after all you’re at work. It may not be an ‘official office’ but you are still working. And when you’re working you don’t want interruptions. Make certain times absolutely non-negotiable for getting your work done. Doesn’t have to be the same time every day but you need to set those times in your mind so you don’t get distracted and you need to tell others so they don’t distract you.

Hands up who works on their business every single day? *checks out the forest of waving hands* Hmmm, do we think we need a boundary there too? We love our businesses but we need time away, we need to recharge, step away and reflect rather than react. Make a boundary for your fun times.

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