chat coffee cake for creative introvertsI’ve been thinking a lot about ways to connect and help creative introverts lately. I’m wanting to mentor and coach them to get their art seen and selling but I know I need to do this in ways that are comfortable for them (and me).

This morning I had an idea!

A few weeks ago I was wandering around Manchester Museum and found inspiration there – business inspiration – and today that thought joined with a recollection of Ian Sanders’ offering of walking around London while talking with his clients, plus my need to help creative introverts. They all linked together in a harmonious and beautiful idea of taking clients around inspiring spaces like museums and art galleries while discussing business before sitting down to delicious food and really mapping out strategies, structures, and habits they need to follow in order to move their business forward.

Idea : Action : Repeat

This is my new mantra (well one of them lol) so instead of mulling it over, over-thinking, getting scared, having doubts I sat down first thing, created a web page, wrote copy, made an image, added a video and here’s the result …

Coffee : Cake : Chat (working title til I can find inspiration)

Thank you to Lesley from Cerulean Blu for the pricing input and other advice. I’m so fracking excited about this.