#ninjasmilesMy goal for my business is to make people smile. With that in mind I am changing a few things around and working on creating some #ninjasmiles

Firstly, this blog is going to be a repository for all the uplifting, happy, mindful, positive, funny things that I can think of and find. I want what I post to make you smile, give you a buzz, giggle.

Secondly, stories, anecdotes, information and all the other things I may have put in my blog are now being saved for my newsletter. I’ll also be adding special offers and other goodies in there too. You can sign up for my newsletter here.

Thirdly, my most valuable advice, words, gestures, will be going to my Facebook community, The Coffee & Cake Club. I really wish it was a Google+ community but it seems not a lot of you hang out there *sad face*. I like G+ because you can categorise your posts to make things more streamlined. However, I go where I can serve my community best and that seems to be Facebook. It’s a private community and a safe space for us to chat about whatever is going on.