choose to be awesomeBack in the summer I had to search for a part-time job to supplement my income due to various life things going on. Job-hunting is hard. And demoralising. And time-consuming. But I managed to get a job that seemed good, all sorts of assurances were made and I started 1st September.

Point OneĀ 

I was not prepared for working with other people again, I’d forgotten about the cliques and gossiping. Not that these were mean people by any means, I liked them. It’s just nature when you get a group of people together that there is friction.

Point Two

Never believe what you are told. I initially applied for a 25 – 30 hour/week job. At the interview I was told it may be less and in practice it was between 12 – 15 hrs per week.

Point Three

People don’t care anymore. I checked my shift one week and discovered I’d only been given 8 hours. When I asked the boss I was told it was just that there weren’t enough hours as he’d taken on more staff.

Point Four

People really don’t care anymore. I accepted the job and my employer knew I ran my own business and was willing to be flexible as long as I was. I was told that I’d have one, maybe two, ‘regular shifts’ and extra hours as and when. This lasted a few weeks and then I was all over the place with my shifts. When I asked I was told that giving me regular shifts was difficult.

Point Five

People really, really don’t care anymore. After working there for four months, no complaints, working the shifts I was told, contributing ideas I’d picked up from running my own business to help them, with 20 minutes to go before the end of my full day shift, I was ‘let go as there just weren’t enough hours anymore’. No notice, no thank you, no remorse. Of course, and no reference to the two other staff taken on a few weeks earlier.

What I took away

Working for other people sucks. It may be a steady wage but being treated like that, for just above minimum wage, working shifts, taking responsibilities, is a soul-draining experience when you’re not appreciated. There wasn’t a lot I could say to my ex-boss but ‘OK’ and I walked away dignified, but I was angry and devastated inside to allow myself to be treated like that.

If I ever employed people I know damned well I would never treat them the way my ex-boss treated his staff. It was like he was a Divine Right Ruler who everyone didn’t approach when he was ‘in a mood’. Your staff deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, after all they are the ones dealing with the customers that buy off you so you can run your business. The staff where I worked always were cheerful and helpful with the customers, despite minimum wage & erratic hours on zero-contracts.

I am going to spend all my energy during the next month working on my own business so I never have to be in that position again.


We all have setbacks and we all have choices in life, I am choosing to see this as an opportunity rather than a setback, I am choosing to be awesome.