serenityIn previous years I’ve chosen the word ‘brave’ and ‘support’, this year I choose ‘serenity’.

Serenity : state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. Late Middle English – from Old French ‘serenite’, from Latin ‘serenitas’, from ‘serenus’ meaning ‘clear, fair’. 

I will be calm in the face of any adversities.

I will be peaceful with who I am.

I will be untroubled by others’ opinions.

Why Serenity?

The last few years have seen changes and troubles, many this last year, and I feel that in 2016 I need to practice self-care and self-development so that I can serve my community and clients in the best possible way. After all, if I am not at 100% then how can I help others effectively?

What is your word for 2016? Let me know on social media, by email, or in the comments below.




*oh, and Serenity is the name of an awesome spaceship 😉