Little extras can make a great program fabulous.

I’m always looking for ways to add value or present myself differently, I’m also always delving around stationery tags on social media. Then I discovered that one of my online friends did this – The Ultimate Program Calendar Package

ultimate program calendar package

The above is an example from Lara’s website of the type of package she can provide. I just love the idea of having my own calendar etc to send out to my coaching/mentoring clients.

You need something more to give them. Something that they can work with while working with you or your programs, that helps them achieve their goals. Something that compliments you and the amazing content you’re offering, that won’t break the bank or take months to put together (because you’ve already spent so much time on this).

Giving your customers and clients a unique, branded specifically-for-you calendar or journal is exactly the icing you need on that cake, my friend.

Lara is a beautiful artist and creates fabulous products – so go check out her website.