get paid or go hungryHeyla entrepreneurs. Be honest now, hands up who has worked for free, been asked for a discount, practically given stuff away because you felt pressured or just not worth much?

*lies down exhausted from counting*

FFS please stop it. Say it with me …

My sweat is worth being paid for

I’m going to be honest, I feel that way sometimes. I look at what I do and feel that little voice whining in my head about how can I charge that much? Well, you know what, I am worth it. I have worked my ass of to get where I am, I learn new things every day to benefit my clients, I am constantly honing my skills, and I pay good money for an electrician to come do my electrics so why shouldn’t I expect an entrepreneur to spend money investing in what I offer? So that behaviour stops here and now. Who’s with me?

Have you seen the video doing the rounds at the moment? It’s about spec work but could so easily apply to us entrepreneur/creatives

You wouldn’t would you? You wouldn’t go into a coffee shop and ask to test a cup before you buy one? OK, I may have nibbled a bit of cheese at Sainsbury’s* the other day before I bought some but the general rule is you buy what you use. You wouldn’t ask an electrician for an hour of his time to test whether he’s suitable? I’d like to hear a response if anyone is brave enough to try.

So stop being afraid to charge what you’re worth. Stop being afraid to say ‘NO’ to people who obviously do not value your work. Exposure does not pay the bills.

What are you going to change? What are you going to say ‘NO’ to? Answer in the comments, via email, or on social media.




*Wensleydale with cranberry and mandarin liqueur – I highly recommend it.