To be honest, 2015 can go suck it coz it’s been a mostly awful year in all aspects of my life. I’ll be glad to welcome in 2016 – especially as for the first time in over 20 yrs I won’t be sat home, I’ll be at a Starfury Convention down in London.

One thing that has happened is that I have re-evaluated what Path 42 is, what I want it to be, and who I want to work with. The conclusion was that, while I love web design and will continue, I love to mentor people and help them achieve their goals. So I am trying to bring that need and expertise into what I offer as a web designer. I have also realised that I have been holding back on charging what I am worth, neglecting to align my prices with the value I offer. So there has been a price increase however if I have spoken to you already recently the older pricing will stand. Check out how we can work together.

If you are looking for mentoring please do get in touch – I will be looking to take on clients in the New Year so we can discuss if you want one-to-one mentoring or whether group mentoring could be the better decision for you.