BEWARE JARGONI try really hard not to use jargon, geek-speak, tech-talk when I’m dealing with clients, sometimes it’s hard to avoid but I make the effort to explain what I mean in clearer terms. Often us geeks & techs get a bad name for using jargon but yesterday I realised jargon is in every type of area it’s just that we don’t realise it til we come across it.

So, what was I doing to discover non-tech jargon? I was sewing. I’d decided I was fed up of not being able to find the tops I wanted in the colours I wanted for a reasonable price so I was going to make my own. I got a pattern from 13 The Warehouse and took the really helpful lady’s advice and made up a prototype using an old sheet.

I opened the pattern and started to read the instructions – we all read instructions before starting a job don’t we? This was what I saw


Who’d have thought that such an old and familiar occupation would talk in such a foreign language. And do you know what the best thing was … when I asked a few friends one replied that most of the instructions are there to confuse you. Sound familiar?

The point of this is to possibly gloat a little that not only us techies use jargon and to make us realise that we should be aware that even the simplest terms we use within our specialities can be confusing to someone else.