organising my lifeI have been searching a long while for a system where I can not only keep track of my life but also actually get things done.

Over the years I have tried many digital variations, after all I have my phone with me all the time so that should work right? Apparently not. For some reason I have an innate resistance to digital organisation. Then, last year, I bought a Filofax.

A Filofax is something I’ve often looked at, often coveted, but never got around to researching and buying. They appeal to my love of all things stationery (if you’re stuck for a gift for me a nice notebook or pen or stickers are always good choices) and initially I had fun planning my life in it. However, I was still losing track and I still needed somewhere a bit better for notes, ideas and so on.

Then I rediscovered Bullet Journalling (BuJo). It was something I had heard about a while back but never tried properly. I didn’t like some of the aspects of re-writing tasks and there is a lack of forward planning space for me. However, I also found a great Google + community full of ideas about adapting BuJo and, incidentally, many discussions about stationery. My kind of community.

My Filofax is roomy enough to also fit an A5 BuJo notebook in which I keep my Master To-Do List, my ideas, notes, plans and so on. All indexed at the front in good BuJo fashion. Each night I look at my to-do list and transfer my three Most Important Tasks (MITs) to the next day’s page in my Filofax. The Filofax also holds my appointments – though only a rough guide as my main appointments are on my phone. Once I have done my MITs I can refer back to my notebook to see what else I can do.

So, my set up is –

BuJo – Master To-Do List, plans, notes, ideas, monthly journal
Filofax – daily plans, daily journal, appointment reminders
Google – all appointments & meetings

Look out for my post about journalling, life tracking and so on coming soon.