trust, generosity, human, community, support, riskAs you’re all aware I’ve been undergoing a change of identity recently. As much as I love web design I felt that I also wanted to help people within my community and beyond. Being known as ‘Bay Web Designs’ did not encompass my vision hence the name change to Path 42.

I attended a MasterClass at Lancaster University last night – this was a talk by Wayne Hemmingway and it was both entertaining and thought provoking. I knew of him but had no idea of his beginnings and brand. I do now and I heartily admire him and his company for what they try to do. One of things I took away from the evening was that you can build a viable business by being nice, trustworthy and (above all) human.

The image shows some of the keywords I picked up from Wayne’s talk. Ones that I share with him and his vision.

I want to work with people who share the same ideals, ethics, values and ideas as I do. Together we can create an awesome life for ourselves and our communities.