I’ve been an avid Twitter user for years, in fact a few of my clients have come to me via Twitter, but I have never regularly used anything but the Twitter interface. I tried Seesmic once but didn’t see the point. Even on my phone I use the official Twitter app.

A few weeks ago I began using a new social media dashboard called Todaylaunch as I have found myself increasingly busy lately and not had as much time to devote to social media in an effective way.

For me, as a freelancer Todaylaunch pricing is fab – it’s free! I signed up on my ‘launchpad’ with Twitter and LinkedIn initially and have just added this blog. There’s also an option to sign in with Facebook but I’m not really a big Facebook user and do try and keep that for personal only. It would be great if TodayLaunch attached to pages rather than profiles though. See update below.

Once a profile is added you see all interactions with that profile in your ‘inbox’ under NEW and the PUBLISHED tab is all the posts you have made to each profile.* It’s a clean interface and you can choose to see everything or just what’s going on with an individual profile.

There’s an area to schedule posts for your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (not WordPress). This is the area I am using most often. I write a lot of blog posts and they initially get autoposted via IFTTT but then I never remember to post them again. As I like helping people as much as possible I felt that reposting older blogs would be a great idea. You choose the profile you want to post to (or all of them), write the post and then schedule a date and time. Now I tend to sit down once a week and schedule posts I think may be interesting again than just sit back and let TodayLaunch do all the work.

The great thing is you can have as many ‘launchpads’ as you need. For me this isn’t really necessary but if I was managing social media for someone else then I can keep all their stuff separate from everything else. Wonderful.

Todaylaunch is still in early stages although it’s already a useful app. I would definitely be interested in an Android app for my phone.

Try it – it’s free, what have you got to lose?

*this post appeared even though I had not published it yet and was still writing it.

Update (9.11.12)

I emailed a link of this review to TodayLaunch and received a reply the next day. Apparently I didn’t take the facebook installation far enough. If I had then, after granting access, I am given the option of which of my pages or profile I want to add. Excellent!