From a freelancing perspective there comes a day when you realise you can’t do everything whilst retaining your health and sanity. At this point you should consider outsourcing.

Depending on your business you may choose to outsource the more mundane tasks. Personally the first thing I got rid of was my accounts. Best decision I ever made – I discovered I wasn’t claiming for everything I should and also it saved me more than a handful of grey hairs.

As I get busier I am considering what else I can outsource. Being a web designer my identity is my business and I love my job, therefore I can’t see myself asking anyone else to take that on. However your business may have other jobs that can easily be done by another business – virtual assistants offer great services for busy businesses for instance.

On the other hand, if you love your business how about offloading other chores that eat into your time. Cleaning your home is one example and possibly the next thing on my list. I have allergies so it’s for health reasons honestly.

So, when you find yourself wishing for extra hours in the day and you can’t remember what your family look like, consider what parts of your business you can effectively and profitably outsource.