evernoteI have long been a fan of Evernote, in fact I recently paid to use the pro version as I love it so much. I use Postever to make quick notes while I am out and about, I use the Clearly add-on for Chrome to save articles from the web and I am now using it as a basis for my GTD organisation.

I recently read about a nice little app that would convert your Evernote notebooks to .mobi format for Kindle. Intrigued I tried it out the other night and I am very impressed.

You install the program on your computer and then link it to your Evernote account. It then asks if you want to convert all your notebooks or select ones. I tend to put articles to read in a separate notebook so I chose that one as a test run. A minute later I had a .mobi file that I could add to my Kindle app on my Android tablet.

Reading it was great. All the different notes were listed like a contents page at the start and everything was nicely formatted to read easily. So now I am going to properly organise that notebook & then re-run En2ki.