As my business grows I find myself getting snowed under with things I need to do, keeping track of the, getting them done. I have, from time to time, researched various to do apps, productivity programs and so on. There was always problems though – they weren’t suitable for my needs (especially as a lone freelancer, most productivity stuff is aimed at teams) or it meant using a ‘new’ app or program which was more cluster on my devices.

Anyway, recently I discovered a method of GTD using Evernote of which I will discuss more in another post as I am still refining it, but I did realise a great use for an Evernote addition that I had found ages ago but never really used. It’s an app for mobile devices called Postever. (That is a link to the Android store. There is also an Apple app.)

The idea of Postever is that you can keep a running list of things from the app and send to Evernote. You can designate a folder for the note to be sent to or the app creates one named ‘Postever’ for you. I think the main idea is to use it as a kind of journal as everything is timed and date stamped. However, I use it to dump all my thoughts, things to do etc.

For instance, I was in London the other day on a bus to Euston station and saw an old building which was perfect for using as a base for a description of buildings in the novel I am writing. I couldn’t take a picture as I was on the wrong side of the bus but what I did do was make a note in Postever of the estate agent’s name and why I wanted to remember it. That note was sitting there next time I had a free moment at my PC and reminded me to research the building to see if I could find an image to store in my Evernote research folder. I would have forgotten about this otherwise, or it would have been a vague memory of ‘where did I see that?’

For work-related stuff Postever is great too. Need to remember to send an invoice or email but you’re not at your desk or just too busy at the moment? Dump a quick note in Postever and forget about it until you have free time. I tend to go through the Postever note once a day and either action (then delete the reminder) or make a proper Evernote and move it to the appropriate folder.

Of course, you could always have a note set up in Evernote that you dump everything too. But I have found that with Postever it is fewer clicks to access and send. Plus, as I said, there’s the fact that everything is time and date stamped.

So there’s my latest – and best so far – way of remembering all my stuff without worrying about it. I have even been known to have a thought in the middle of the night and dump it into Postever so I don’t end up worrying that I will forget by morning.