Brochure website

This is also usually known as a ‘static’ website in that it stays more or less the same for long periods. Think of it as a display window for your business on the web. You want to add all your best goods or services here, perhaps testimonials from happy customers plus other necessary information such as opening hours and contact information.

Brochure websites generally have at least two or three pages.

Home – the opening page for your website. Here you should display the most pertinent and best information for visitors to your website. It should be eye-catching enough to want them to explore more but not confusing. Usually there’s a brief outline of what you offer, an image or two relevant to your business and perhaps your mission statement and a quote from a satisfied customer. Always put a link somewhere other than in the main navigation to your contact page and links to any social networking sites you participate in.

Contact – a page that outlines when, how and where you can be contacted. Include your opening hours, your business address (with maybe a link to Google Maps), your telephone number and email address. Often you can also insert a contact form here as well where the visitor can send you an enquiry direct from the web page. Make it as easy as possible for visitors to find and contact you. If you have social networking accounts include them here too.

About – here you can go a bit more in-depth into what you can offer your customers. Perhaps include more testimonials, images of your goods or services, some background information on you and your business.

Of course, you are not limited to the above pages and you don’t have to name them conventionally (as long as it is clear to your visitors what each page offers). Some businesses would benefit from a gallery page to show off more of their goods or services. Perhaps you want to devote a whole page to telling everyone the great testimonials you have received. The main thing is to ensure that the whole website is easily navigated with clear and concise information relevant to your business and – most importantly – useful to your visitors.

Static websites are often built with the understanding that they will be rarely changed and any changes will be done by the web designer.

*part of the “Get on the Net” series soon to be published as an ebook